TDQ612075-K1 Rhino Cart Mobile Fixturing Station 1200 x 750 x 910mm (LxWxH)


The Rhino Cart Mobile Fixturing Station is a turnkey system for fixturing and clamping in welding and fabrication. Clamp and fixture at any point on the reversible, flat, nitrided (heat treated) 1200 x 750mm tabletop for accuracy in all of your setups.

Accurately fit-up and hold work pieces for tacking and welding with the Rhino Cart package, including: The Rhino Cart Welding Table + 66 piece Fixture Kit. Rhino Package Part No.: TDQ612075-K1

16mm thick steel plate reversible tabletop with nitrided black oxide protective finish for wear, rust and weld spatter resistance. Accurately position parts in CNC precision bored 16mm diameter holes in 50 x 50mm spacing pattern


  • Tabletop Life: Nitrided and black oxide table plate is reversible. Weld spatter, rust and scratch resistant.
  • Tabletop Size: 1200 x 750mm
  • Tabletop Thickness: 16mm
  • Hole Diameter: Ø16mm
  • Grid Pattern: 50 x 50mm
  • Table Height: 910mm
  • Static Loading Capacity: 700kg
  • Package Net Weight: 195kg
  • 2 x fixed & 2 x swivel brake caster wheels
  • Levelling feet for mobile or stationary use
  • Rhino shelves, racks and pegboard keep your fixing tools organised and within easy reach!


  • 1 x TDQ612075 - 1200 x 750 x 910mm Welding table cart

  • 10 x T65055 - Ball lock bolt, adjustable range: 24 ~ 28mm
  • 2 x T64201 - Ø16mm locating pin
  • 2 x PT07K - Inserta pliers, 60mm opening, Max. 50mm reach
  • 2 x PT09K - Inserta pliers, 85mm opening, Max. 75mm reach
  • 2 x UDN6150 - Inserta clamp, 150mm opening, 83mm reach, 16 x 8mm (D Rail), T-handle
  • 2 x T64217 - Magnetic top V pads for inserta pliers and inserta clamps
  • 2 x TCX6210 - Side clamp, 38mm stroke
  • 4 x T64203 - Stop, Ø25 x 38mm
  • 4 x T64205 - Stop, Ø25 x 50mm
  • 8 x T64216 - V-Block, Ø40 x 23mm
  • 4 x T64211 - V-Block spacer, Ø40 x 27mm
  • 8 x T60630 - D-Stop bar, 120 x 25 x 11.5mm
  • 12 x T50737 - Magnetic rest button, Ø40 x 11.5mm
  • 2 x T60304 - Right angle bracket, 41 x 91 x 30mm
  • 2 x T60305 - Right angle bracket, 91 x 91 x 30mm

  • 1 x Backing panel with square holes to suits hooks & holders
  • 5 x Plastic buckets
  • 1 x Bucket holder
  • 10 x Single prong hooks
  • 5 x Double prong hooks



MODELRhino Cart System
Leg Frame Type1200 x 750
Table Top Sizemm910
Table Height with Standmm~
Table Side Heightmm16
Top Plate Thicknessmm50 x 50
Grid PatternmmØ16
Table Hole Diametermm~
Table Slotsmm700
Table Load Capacitykg195
Nett Weightkg

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