FW3030 CertiFlat FabWing Tab & Slot U-Weld


Our new fabWings are the perfect compliment to CertiFlat’s fabBLOCK system and ideal to use as stand-alone tables for odd shaped and cramped spaces.
Fabwings can be used in conjunction with any of our fabBLOCK tables as side table extensions, 90 degree working surfaces, or upside down as a nice storage shelf when not in use.

All fabWing feature the same heavy duty construction and Heat-Zone™ Tab and Slot construction as our fabBLOCK's. Fab wings are available in 150mm, 300mm, 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm lengths and 300mm wide as standard.


  • Heavy Duty construction from 6.35mm thick Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled steel
  • Heat-Zone™ Tab and Slot design methodology for an easy to build, flat surface
  • High precision Ø16mm holes on 50mm centres to work with industry standard tooling
  • Infinite number of configurations to let you quickly assemble the size welding table you want

  • Please Note: assembly & welding is required to complete setup

Optional Accessories

  • Join fabWings to fabBLOCK's using Socket Shoulder Screw Set (W08060)



MODELCertiFlat FabWing
Tab & Slot U-Weld
Table Height with Standmm150mm Height
Suits Table Size~
Material Finish~
Clamping Capacity~
Locking Handle - Pivot Movement~
Clamp Bar - Pivot Movement~
Plunger Travelmm~
Throat Depthmm~
Openingmm300 x 300mm
Quantity Per PackNo.~
Number of HolesNo.~
Slot Lengthmm~
Magnet Clamp Angledeg~
Pull Forcekg~
Clamping ForcekgCertiflat Welding Tables
Over all Length10
Nett Weightkg