M-25 Chisel Morticer 160mm timber width capacity


Manufactured in Taiwan

A heavy duty chisel morticer with a capacity of 25mm in soft wood, cast iron frame construction with a fabricated steel stand. A single handwheel controls both longitudinal and lateral table movement. This system prevents the table from "skewing", a common problem with other morticers. The material clamp accommodates different work piece widths, whilst a multi-position down-feed hand lever provides the correct leverage for comfortable use.

To make ths morticer even better the gas strut thats mounted in the rear column helps provide a smooth downward travel of the headstock, which also allows headstock "parking" in any position. A large cast iron table with a tall rear fence, plus an easily set depth stop for repeat accuracy is fitted. This machine is well suited to the busy workshop and will provide years of accurate and trouble-free use.


  • Morticer capacity: 25mm chisel in softwood & 19mm chisel in hardwood
  • 160mm timber width capacity
  • 125mm head stroke
  • Heavy cast iron construction
  • 3-position job clamp & depth stop
  • Long and cross hand wheel movement
  • Gast strut supports head for smooth movement
  • Adjustable table length stop mounted to rear of table
  • 255 x 180mm table movement
  • Magnetic safety switch
  • Overall height 1700mm
  • 0.75kW / 1hp 240V motor
  • Quality Taiwanese Manufacturer


  • 1 x collar reducing bushes: Ø28.5 - Ø19mm (OD -I D)
  • 1 x collar reducing bushes: Ø30.2 - Ø15.9mm (OD - ID)
  • Stand with storage cabinet


Timber Capacitymm255 x 180
Table Movementmm125
Vertical Head StrokemmØ19 & Ø15.9
Collar Reducing Bush (ID)mm0.75 / 1
Motor PowerkW / hp240
VoltageV940 x 750 x 1720
Floor Space (W x D x H)mm650 x 890 x 850
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)mm160
Nett Weightkg