Code S2232
Model TPD-3
Capacity Polished Forming Surfaces for Consistent, Smooth Forming
Weight (kg) 4.7
Weight (m3) 0.009
Weight (Freight) 4.7
Dimensions (cm) 31 x 29 x 10
1 Year

TPD-3 Tapered Steel T-Dolly Set - 3 Piece Polished Forming Surfaces for Consistent, Smooth Forming


Tapered T-dollies are used to form flanges and edges by hammering the metal with a hammer or slapper over the rounded part of the dolly. These dollies are smoothly finished to prevent damaging the material you are forming.

They're the same specialty tapered T-dollies auto body shops and fabricators use to form and shape sheetmetal flanges and edges.


  • Set of 3

  • Tapered Dolly Section Size:
  • Ø25.4 - Ø10mm x 140mm (45 x 6 x 175mm Handle)
  • Ø38.0 - Ø10mm x 200mm (45 x 8 x 200mm Handle)
  • Ø50.8 - Ø10mm x 280mm (45 x 8 x 250mm Handle)

  • Polished forming surfaces for consistent, smooth forming


MODELTapered T-Dollies
Product Type3
Number of PiecesNo.~
CapacityØ25.4 - Ø10mm x 140mm
Ø38 - Ø10mm x 200mm
Ø50.8 - Ø10mm x 280mm
Dolly Section Size~
Leather Bag Sizemm~
Hammer Type~
Auto Panel Restoration Dollies~
Auto Panel Restoration Spoons~
Stand Heightmm7
Nett Weightkg

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