T60125 BuildPro Heavy Duty Riser Block 5 Faces


These five face precision machined Riser Blocks feature accurate bored holes in a diagonal pattern.

Use Riser Blocks individually, or stacked, to elevate a workpiece or clamp. Cross join the Blocks for use as a beam. Use the Blocks to mount a BuildPro® plate to the side or end of the table, or to join tables together.

NEW! Models T60120, T60125, and T60130 feature two slots at one end for adjustable positioning.

- The versatile, five-sided Riser Block functions as a heavy duty "building block" to elevate clamps and workpieces.
- Right Angle Brackets can be mounted to the Riser Blocks to hold stock at varying heights.
- Riser Block used to mount BuildPro® plate in vertical position.
- Table Mount C-Clamps can be mounted to the Riser Blocks for push down clamping for taller workpieces.

The very practical, modular design of the BuildPro® Table makes it easy to set-up and tear down for job at hand, big or small. Save time and money by holding, positioning and locating quickly and easily with a wide variety of BuildPro® clamps and accessories.

All BuildPro® Tables have 16mm thick steel plate with Ø16mm holes in a 50mm grid pattern. All tables, except BuildPro® MAX, have 40mm slots between plates.



MODELBuildPro - 5 Face
Heavy Duty Riser Block
Table Height with Standmm~
Suits Table Size~
Material Finish~
Clamping Capacity~
Locking Handle - Pivot Movement~
Clamp Bar - Pivot Movement~
Plunger Travelmm~
Throat Depthmm~
Openingmm100 x 100 x 200mm
Quantity Per PackNo.~
Number of HolesNo.2 Slots
Slot Lengthmm~
Magnet Clamp Angledeg~
Pull Forcekg~
Clamping Forcekg~
Over all Length5.67
Nett Weightkg

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