VJ-680 Hydraulic Vehicle Positioning Jacks 680kg


The VJ-680 Vehicle Positioning Jacks will save you time and money; the portable hassle free jack-dolly combo lifts cars in seconds, and then allows you to move it effortlessly across a floor. NO MORE four-person crews straining to move a car. NO MORE crushed oil pans or unnecessary damage.

There's no jack like a VJ-680 jack. Its twin rollers slide around the tire and squeeze upward, lifting the tyre smoothly off the ground in seconds with a few pumps of the hydraulic foot pedal.

The low friction, with 360° caster wheels lets you spin, side load, and position the car without damaging the floor or the car, faster and safer than floor jacks and at a fraction of the cost of electric carts.


  • Steel constructed frame & hydraulic unit
  • Aluminium contact lift rollers for addition strength
  • 4 x 360° heavy duty swivel wheels on each positioning jack, 2 x wheels include a safety lock
  • Hydraulic ram housed within steel frame preventing damage to ram & seals


  • 2 x Positioning Jacks



Lifting Capacity per Jackkg270mm
Maximum Tyre Widthmm620mm
Maximum Openingmm19
Weight per Jackkg