Code W3445
Model DCK-100W
Capacity Ø100mm (4") Dia.
Weight (kg) 0.001
Weight (m3) 0.040
Weight (Freight) 13.320
Dimensions (cm) 63 x 21 x 30.5

DCK-100W Wall Mounted Wood Dust Extraction Accessory Kit Ø100mm (4") Dia.


This Ø100mm wall mounted dust extraction accessory kit is the ideal solution to getting your dust collection hose off the floor.

All range of components are included to connect up to 2 machines to a dust extractor. Ø100mm hose is sold separately or simply reuse your own!


  • 2 x 100mm 90º elbows
  • 2 x 100mm "Y" connectors
  • 3 x 100mm wall mount blast gates
  • 1 x Floor sweeping attachment
  • 10 x Wall mounting brackets and mounting hardware
  • 16 x Hose clamps to suit Ø100mm hose

  • Please Note:
  • We strongly recommend that you purchase our EK-10 Dust Extraction Grounding Kit to minimise the risk of static build-up that can result in fire.


MODELWall Mounted Dust Extraction Accessory Kit
ApplicationØ100mm Attachments
SizeAll Wood Dust Collectors
Nett Weightkg

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