Code W08005
Model T64212
Weight (kg) 0.3
Weight (m3) 0.000
Weight (Freight) 0.3
Dimensions (cm) 5 x 5 x 5
1 Year

T64212 BuildPro Adjustable Rest - Low Profile


Developed by customer demand, the Adjustable Rest is operated manually, by hand adjustment, with a turn of the
easy-grip knurled band for complete control in precise, minute height adjustment. (Model T64213: Range: 50 mm –
70 mm. Model T64212: 22 mm height with 8 mm stroke range.)
Insert into any fixturing hole on the BuildPro® Modular Welding Table for use as a support or rest for aligning stock
at a uniform height and providing welding clearance. BuildPro® V-Blocks fi t into the top cavity of the Adjustable
Rests to support round pipes. Adjustable Rests are stackable for use with tall stock.

- Insert into any hole on the BuildPro table with the Ø16 mm Locating Post.
- Securely fasten to the tabletop for repetitive applications using the Locking Pin with cap screw (included).
- Remove the Locating Post or the Locking Pin, and place the Rest anywhere on the BuildPro tabletop.

The very practical, modular design of the BuildPro® Table makes it easy to set-up and tear down for job at hand, big or small. Save time and money by holding, positioning and locating quickly and easily with a wide variety of BuildPro® clamps and accessories.

All BuildPro® Tables have 16mm thick steel plate with Ø16mm holes in a 50mm grid pattern. All tables, except BuildPro® MAX, have 40mm slots between plates.


  • Ø44.5mm Top Diameter
  • Ø16mm Bottom Diameter
  • 22 ~ 30mm Top Height



Adjustable Rest
Table Height with Standmm~
Suits Table Size~
Material Finish~
Clamping Capacity~
Locking Handle - Pivot Movement~
Clamp Bar - Pivot Movement~
Plunger Travelmm~
Throat Depthmm~
OpeningmmØ44.5 x Ø16 x 22~30mm
Quantity Per PackNo.~
Number of HolesNo.~
Slot Lengthmm~
Magnet Clamp Angledeg~
Pull Forcekg~
Clamping Forcekg~
Over all Length0.5
Nett Weightkg