PPK-20 Steel Press Pin Driver Set - 11 piece Ø10 - Ø30mm


The PPK-20 is a set of eight press pins, rated from 2 - 20 tonne capacity, all finished in a yellow phosphate coating for added corrosion resistance.
Suitable for use with presses which have a female ram assembly diameter of 25mm and are secured with a bolt.
Includes adaptor, punch plate capacity gauge & mountable bracket with fixing points.


  • Includes 8 steel press pins 10 - 30mm rated from 2 tonne to 20 tonne
  • Pins have Ø25mm locating head with positioning detent
  • Adapter fits onto press ram to hold pins in place
  • Punch plate capacity gauge
  • Mounting storage bracket
  • Manufactured all from steel


  • Pins:
  • 2T capacity pin, Ø10 x 50mm long
  • 3T capacity pin, Ø12 x 60mm long
  • 8T capacity pin, Ø16 x 60mm long
  • 12T capacity pin, Ø18 x 85mm long
  • 14T capacity pin, Ø20 x 85mm long
  • 16T capacity pin, Ø22 x 85mm long
  • 18T capacity pin, Ø25 x 110mm long
  • 20T capacity pin, Ø30 x 110mm long


MODELSteel Press Pin Set
TypeØ10 - Ø30
Number of PiecesNo.

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