WAZER STANDUP CNC Waterjet The world first Desktop Waterjet - CUT ANYTHING ON DEMAND


WAZER is the first desktop water jet that cuts any hard or soft material with digital precision. The high velocity jet uses a combination of high pressure water and abrasive particles to cut through the work piece. Traditional water jets cost upwards of $100,000. With WAZER, we’re bringing this advanced technology to any size workshop. What will you make?

WAZER can cut through sheets of any material including metal, stone, glass, ceramic, composites, plastic, rubber, and foam. For a list of example materials and speeds please see the downloads section on this page

Cutting Area - 305 mm x 460 mm
Cut Bed Size - 330 mm x 485 mm
Kerf (width of cut) - 1.2 mm

WAZER WAM Design Software
Wazer operates with an online file prep tool called WAM. WAM will work with any software capable of exporting a design as a .dxf or .svg file. WAM eliminates the need to have a laptop at the machine workstation. Here is a typical workflow:

1. Create your design in any design software/CAD program which can export .dxf or .svg files
2. Upload your file into WAM, position your design, choose a material setting and cut quality.
3. Save your cut file from WAM to an SD card.
4. Insert the SD card into WAZER and cut!


  • Cuts Any Material: Metal, Stone, Glass, Ceramic, Composite, Plastic, Rubber and Foam.
  • Compact size fits in any work space.
  • Brings professional-grade fabrication into any workshop.
  • Ideal for on demand cutting of custom parts.
  • In-house capabilities reduces costly outsourcing.
  • Great for prototyping, manufacturing, fine art, and instruction.
  • Simple set up. Just connect to standard electricity, water, and drain.
  • Cold cutting. No heat. No fumes. No need for ventilation.
  • Quickly go from design to cutting. Takes any DXF or SVG file.
  • Assembled in the USA.


  • WAZER STANDUP International Version
  • PUMP BOX International Version

  • 1 x Cut Bed
  • 2 x Abrasive Bucket
  • 2 x Water Sensors
  • 1 x Accessory Kit
  • 1 x Setup Kit
  • 1 x Plumbing Kit
  • 1 x Misc. Spare Parts
  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Cut bed 3 pack
  • 1 x Nozzle Assembly
  • Bonus bundle value (Australia $946 incl GST / New Zealand $1,090 incl GST)

Optional Accessories

  • WAZER Cut Bed 3 Pack
  • WAZER Nozzle


MODEL305 x 460
Cutting Table Capacitymm~
Maximum Work Piece Weightkg~
Maximum Cutting Thickness - (Material Dependent)mm305
X Axis Travelmm460
Y Axis TravelmmManual
Z Axis Travelmm~
Z Gantry Clearancemm1500
Rapid Traverse ( X and Y axis )mm/mm0.08
Absolute Positioning Accuracymm~
High Pressure PumpType4600
Max Pump Pressurepsi1.9
Max Water UsageL/min~
Water CapacityLWAZER
Software.dxf, .svg
Drawing FileType150g/min
Garnet Delivery13.5
Garnet Hopper CapacityKg~
Electrical PowerkW2 x 240VAC 10 amp plugs
Max CurrentAmps~
Input Air PressureBar (PSI)~
Weight (Empty)Kgs~
Operating WeightKgs