T65026 BuildPro Ball Lock Bolt Flush Mount (10 Piece)


An essential component in Modular Fixturing!

Ball Lock Bolts are a time-saving, efficient, and handy method of fastening fixture elements to the BuildPro® Tabletop, especially in tight spaces, and hard-to-reach areas of the tabletop. The quick-setting Ball Lock Bolts provide accurate locating and clamping at the same time.

Insert the Ball Lock Bolt over the fixturing element to be mounted on the tabletop. Turn the knurled head with your hands, for initial positioning. The Ball Lock Bolt system consists of three locking steel balls in the bolt shank that move outward to lock against the bottom chamfer of the table plate, pulling the fixture components securely downward and tightening them in place.

Once all the Bolts are positioned as required, tighten the socket head screw top of the bolts with a hex wrench. Ball Lock Bolts also release quickly, from the Bolt top, with a turn of your hex wrench. The automatic, and quick-locking feature of the Ball Lock Bolts translates into savings in time and effort.

- Ball Lock Bolts are an essential component in modular fixturing.
- When engaged (tightened) three steel locking balls move outward to lock underneath the table, securely attaching fixturing elements to the table with downward pressure.
- Use Ball Lock Bolts to fasten elements to the tabletop, or to Economy Clamping Squares, or Right Angle Brackets.

The very practical, modular design of the BuildPro® Table makes it easy to set-up and tear down for job at hand, big or small. Save time and money by holding, positioning and locating quickly and easily with a wide variety of BuildPro® clamps and accessories.

All BuildPro® Tables have 16mm thick steel plate with Ø16mm holes in a 50mm grid pattern. All tables, except BuildPro® MAX, have 40mm slots between plates.


  • Flush Mount
  • For connecting an accessory to the tabletop, 28mm capacity
  • 4mm Hex Wrench Size


  • 10 x T65025 Ball Lock Bolt



MODELBuildPro - Flush Mount
Ball Lock Bolts
Connect Access to Table
Table Height with Standmm~
Suits Table Size~
Material Finish28mm
Clamping Capacity~
Locking Handle - Pivot Movement~
Clamp Bar - Pivot Movement~
Plunger Travelmm~
Throat Depthmm~
Quantity Per PackNo.~
Number of HolesNo.~
Slot Lengthmm~
Magnet Clamp Angledeg~
Pull Forcekg~
Clamping Forcekg~
Over all Length0.5
Nett Weightkg