PO1-000 CertiFlat Welding Positioner Kit


CertiFlat’s new welding positioner is designed to help take you to the next level without breaking the bank. Designed using proprietary Tab & Slot methodology for building stiff and accurate welding fixtures that has been proven in real world manufacturing setups for over 15 years. The positioner has eliminated expensive components usually found in positioner's such as the motor and speed controller. The positioner is simply powered by a variable speed cordless drill which most workshops already own.

Welding positioner tables are built from tough 6.35mm Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Steel using state of the art CNC Laser Cutting technology for an exceptional fit-up. These welding positioners assemble easily, by following the proper sequence shown in easy to understand step by step instructions & video.


  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Ultra-Strong 6.35mm Thick Steel Chassis
  • 9.5mm Thick Face Plate Working Surface (can be drilled, tapped & welded to)
  • Shafts are made in house out of 4140 Steel
  • Gears machined in the USA out of 4140 and 1045 steel for long life
  • Fit 16mm Tooling Holes and Tables
  • Horizontal to Vertical locations with 15° increments
  • 150mm Diameter Face plate set for mounting, can mount a 3-jaw chuck
  • Working Load Limit of 170kg. (balanced-vertical & horizontal)
  • Turntable is Ground Path Isolated to Protect Bearings, Shafts & Bushings
  • Easy to assemble, Tab and Slot DIY Kit
  • Capable of developing over 1350Nm of rotational torque with most drills
  • Velcro cinch included for setting drill to that perfect speed
  • All parts are laser cut to a very tight tolerance maintaining very high precision

  • Please Note: assembly & welding is required to complete setup

Optional Accessories

  • Welding clamp systems and accessories



MODELCertiFlat fabTURN
Tab & Slot U-Weld
Welding Positioner Kit
Table Height with Standmm~
Suits Table Size~
Material Finish~
Clamping Capacity~
Locking Handle - Pivot Movement~
Clamp Bar - Pivot Movement~
Plunger Travelmm~
Throat Depthmm~
Quantity Per PackNo.~
Number of HolesNo.~
Slot Lengthmm~
Magnet Clamp Angledeg~
Pull Forcekg~
Clamping Forcekg~
Over all Length~
Nett Weightkg

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