WT6090-M CertiFlat PRO 1D Welding Table Top Tab & Slot U-Weld


CertiFlat’s PRO Series welding table top kits were designed from the ground up, with the welder in mind. They have been in use by dozens of OEM manufacturers across the USA and Canada and are now available in Australia.

Pro Series Tables are built from tough 4.8mm Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Steel using state of the art CNC Laser Cutting technology for an exceptional fit-up.
The proprietary Tab & Slot methodology for building stiff and accurate welding fixtures has been proven in real world manufacturing setups for over 15 years.
By following the proper sequence (shown in easy to understand step by step instructions & video) the Internal webbing forces the table flat during assembly and keeps it that way for years of trouble free and accurate welding.


  • Engineered Tab & Slot stiffening ribs for a guaranteed flat surface
  • Proprietary Heat-Zone™ design to eliminate warping during assembly and welding
  • All parts are laser cut to a very tight tolerance maintaining very high precision
  • Ø16mm holes with a 50 x 50mm grid pattern
  • Compatible with Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint clamp systems

  • Please Note: assembly & welding is required to complete setup

Optional Accessories

  • Short leg kit
  • Long leg kit (Add optional caster wheels to the Long Leg Kit to make your welding table mobile)
  • FabWings to create fixture system compatible angle plates
  • Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint clamp systems



Finish600 x 900
Table Top Sizemm50
Table Side Heightmm4.8
Top Plate Thicknessmm50 x 50
Grid PatternmmØ16
Table Hole Diametermm~
Table Slot Sizemm~
Table Load Capacitykg29
Nett Weightkg

Recommended Accessories